• Chelsea have equalled the record for the most wins in a single Premier League season (29, also achieved by the Blues in 04/05 and 05/06).

    Source: @OptaJoe : Data correct as at 2017-05-15

Nils Middelboe Statistics

Article published on 2013-01-15 by ChelseaStats in Ask ChelseaStats, Players.

This ‘Ask Chelseastats’ comes from Søren Elbech, one of the partners behind www.danskfodbold.com – the website for the Danish FA’s Official Statisticians. Søren correctly states that in 10 months, it will be 100 years since Nils Middelboe joined Chelsea as an amateur and, in the process, became Denmark’s first-ever player abroad. Nils Middelboe, born on the 5th October 1887 in Brunnby, Sweden, represented […]

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